To improve hygiene in times of Corona, the Franz-Stock-School in Hövelhof has been using the HYDH door handle from CONTA-CLIP since November 2020. Convenient operation with the forearm or elbow prevents hand contact with door handles contaminated with viruses or germs. Thanks to the robust design, simple assembly, and good ergonomics of the product, the school management rates their introduction of HYDH as thoroughly successful.

Hygienic door openers prove their worth in school

To date, it is not precisely clear how smear infections contribute to the spread of corona. However, relevant studies have proven that coronaviruses remain infectious on smooth plastic and precious metal surfaces for up to 72 hours under laboratory conditions. An Australian study concluded that coronaviruses on slippery surfaces are infectious for up to 28 days in the absence of UV radiation. Besides, it is known from various older studies on other dangerous pathogens that door handles in public buildings act as veritable "superspreaders".  

Corona-compliant door opening in a practical test 

Existing solutions too impractical

Various manufacturers offer door handles for the underarm operation to prevent pathogens' passing through door handles. However, the market models are usually fastened with screws, can slip during heavy use, and are only suitable for specific handle profiles. Besides, the conventional versions for right or left door hinges require two different variants. 


"The HYDH features a stable, tight fit on round, oval or square latch profiles as well as its suitability for right and left door hinges."

Therefore, at the beginning of the pandemic, CONTA-CLIP decided to use the free capacities of its injection molding facilities to produce shape-optimized hygienic door handles. In a concerted effort, employees from product development, toolmaking, and the injection molding department worked with HYDH to develop a tool-free mountable electric strike with a "one-size-fits-all" bracket cannot slip on handles.

Universal solution from CONTA-CLIP

One opener for (almost) all handles

HYDH is characterized by its stable, tight fit on round, oval, or square door handles and uniform suitability for right and left door hinges. For fastening without screws and tools, the bracket can be placed on the door handle and snapped onto the right-angled handle section with one of the clip rosettes positioned on both sides. Finally, HYDH is fixed in a vibration-proof manner with snap-in plastic clamps that can only be removed again using a screwdriver. The robust and chemical-resistant plastic ensures easy disinfection with harsh cleaning agents. 

Corona-compliant door opening in a practical test

In November, CONTA-CLIP offered to equip the neighboring Franz-Stock-Realschule in Hövelhof with the Hygienic Door Handles free of charge to verify the installation stability advantages in a long-term practical test. The school management gladly agreed and initially had all classroom and toilet doors equipped with Hygienic Door Handles. In addition to a "continuous use" test of the stability, the school management was particularly interested in how pupils and teaching staff accepted the door openers' handling. Of course, improper manual operation out of old habits cannot be ruled out. The school management is delighted with the results. Despite the high frequency of use in everyday school life, not only have the fixed position and stability of the hygienic handles proven themselves, but the proper operation has also been established without any problems among the 520 pupils and the 40 teaching staff. 


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